The Wonders of Creation

Nahid Arian - Solo Exhibition 31 May - 18 Jun, 2019

The series, which i have named the Wonders of Creation, the result of more than ten years searching and collecting second hand items from garage sales in Ameriza, vide-greniers and brocantes in France and Friday markets in Iran. Most of the Iron that i was used in making these artworks, comes from old handmade appliances that were used as agricultural, forging and constructional tools. Every once in a while, at a Friday market for example my eye would catch sight of an old and tiny spade that was way past its working days, it would call to me and say through its inner voice: take me and give me a new life. which i most probably always would. A friend of mine once suggested that i take up coffee reading after I retire. How come? i asked. well if you can find this many wonderful creatures just by looking through garbage, think of all the things you would find in a coffee cup! i I know that i will never be fortune teller: nevertheless, I will continue to recycle the pieces i find through my art. I hope that you enjoy looking at my wondrous creatures.



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