The Exhibition of the Selected Artists for the Second Annual Mohsen Projects’ Grants

Group Exhibition 30 Aug - 20 Sep, 2019

Bam > Sanahin Babajanians Pasio > Shana Abdollahian & Ehsan Alizadeh Hayat > Pooneh Orshidari

The jury selected three projects after considering the proposals of the second open call for the Mohsen Projects. In these projects, the artists have adopted three different approaches in terms of concept and execution: “Hideout” is a process-based, suspended garden, independent from the concept of courtyard (Hayat), by Pooneh Oshidari; “Dystopia” by Shana Abdollahian and Ehsan Alizadeh, makes Pasio a temporary habitat for a species of fungi; and “Parallelism or Intersection?” is a structure created by Sanahin Babajanians on Bam to reflect the differences and similarities of two cultures.




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