The Day I Was a Rabbit

Maryam Sabbaghpour - Solo Exhibition 23 Aug - 3 Sep, 2019

“The Day I Was a Rabbit” is a collection of drawings about a future that no longer resembles its dream-like past. In this collection, Maryam Sabbaghpour takes a critical look at the future of the already horrendous human condition. She seeks to illustrate the complex and intertwined body of human society influenced by social realities, in a vague and discrete language, advanced by countless uses of metaphors and irony. Once enlightenment and its following advancement of science, industry, and thought was supposed to liberate the human kind from ignorance. Instead they conveyed misery and sadness to a world where the human kind would almost deliberately embrace colonial ideologies. In this collection, the artist attempts to give an encyclopedic interpretation of the meta-narrative of fear by portraying frozen personages combined with contradictory sensations.



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