Sina Choopani - Solo Exhibition 19 Jul - 9 Aug, 2019

Dastan is pleased to announce Sina Choopani’s exhibition titled “Sin” at Dastan+2. The exhibition will open on Friday, July 19, 2019, and will be open for public viewing through August 2, 2019.

He uses media and pictures as the raw material of his works, and the concept of “death” plays a key part in the creation process of his works. Mostly themed around heroism, Choopani emphasizes on a notion of a “hero” but not these heroes are necessarily the same in nature nor follow the same pattern of behavior. “Sin” is Sina Choopani’s latest series, which will be on display at Dastan+2. In this series, Choopani has taken a rather different approach, in “Sin” series his objects are mostly those whom we consider as socially outcast or “anti-hero”. In this series, he makes a reproduction of the anti-heroic acts just as he did in his previous works, but this time in his images, he reproduces and recreates something which is meant to be forgotten.



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