Iran, 1979 - 2019

Group Exhibition 13 Jun - 31 Aug, 2019

A look at contemporary Iranian photography: from documentary photography to conceptual photography.

This exhibition features selected, subjective pieces from the "IRAN 38" exhibition presented in 2017 at the Rencontres de la photographie in Arles, under the direction of Anahita Ghabaian and Newsha Tavakolian. Impossible exhaustive presentation of 40 years of Iranian photography and heartbreak to choose only ... 22 photographers ... but pleasure to give to see. Rather show echoes here between the story, the black photography and documentary bench of the 1980s from Bahman Jalali and the contemporary imagination of conceptual color photography. "Spotlight" on the persistence of the stigmata of the Iran-Iraq war on the search for identity, the superposition between the intimate and the collective memory, the tension between modernity and tradition, on the environmental crisis


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