I open my eyes and see myself under a tree laden with fruit that I cannot name

Hadieh Shafie - Solo Exhibition 17 Jan - 28 Mar, 2020

35 days to the ending

35 days to the ending

Storytelling is a central component of societal development across centuries and cultures. Whether used as a tool to recall history, preserve identity, or to transmit morals, it is a means for understanding and sharing human experiences. Oral traditions and the written word are perhaps the most obvious modes of communication associated with storytelling, however visual artists have equally engaged with it throughout history, and continue to do so today. Curated by Lila Nazemian, “I open my eyes and see myself under a tree laden with fruit that I cannot name” is an exhibition entitled after a line in Sinan Antoon’s latest novel, The Book of Collateral Damage, featured alongside Hadieh Shafie and Zarina, whose works are deeply embedded within narrative mediums. Through the use of paper, printing methods and orality, each artist produces works that function as allegories for sharing stories of home and of their lived experiences. During the course of the exhibition, public programs such as artist talks between Shafie, Antoon and Nazemian will take place, in addition to poetry recitations accompanied by live music from Iran, Iraq and South Asia.

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