Impact Crater

Taha Heydari - Solo Exhibition 19 Apr - 28 Jun, 2019

I archive images and make a folder for each painting and tend to think about them as individual projects. I am interested in painting as a possibility of encountering what images do in relation to how they are made and appear to us. I have always been fascinated by the moment of glitch– a visible instance of the separation between the technology of fabricating and representing images and what they do/show. I use various palette knives, rollers, airbrush and masking tapes to create complex, highly detailed surfaces so I can accentuate the significance of technique, tools and materials to respond to the multilayered existence of images and array of banal and sometimes ominous associations. The following paragraphs are some of the narratives around the images I chose to paint.


Darvazeh Dowlat

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