Majid Fathizadeh - Solo Exhibition 28 Dec - 15 Mar, 2019

In a piece, Geometry of Illusion, written on his recent paintings, Dariush Kiaras describes,” His paintings have crossed several borders, at times we can see some of the features of Romanticism in his works, at others characteristics of works within the two fronts of Classicism and Neofigurative; with the former he creates spaces and through the latter he draws his “figures” on a canvas. He attempts to work with peculiar creatures, the ones which were not formerly experienced, and he often creates his figures among dusks, clouds, hills and fields. People in his paintings are striving to tackle solitude; masses of people with absolute clarity, though lacking clear and accurate faces, people who do not have clear faces and whose levels of emotion cannot be perceived. His brush strokes alter due to the geographical location of each piece and as soon as coming up with landscapes bereft of people, he goes back to the principles of drawing.


Darvazeh Dowlat

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