Sandsturm – And Then There Was Dust

Group Show

57 days to the ending

3 Sep - 14 Nov, 2021

Sandsturm – And Then There Was Dust

Sand is everywhere. It slowly but surely covers everything and brings human activity in public spaces to a standstill. Sandstorms — one manifestation of the many ecological processes of the Mesopotamian region — are addressed in this intermedial and transnational exhibition dialogue between seven artists and collectives from Iran, Iraq, and Turkey. At the same time, the exhibition is an expression of social-activist aspirations and ecological interactions of these countries’ human and non-human actors. The selected works were site-specific pieces developed in their respective regions for several years in close collaboration with local communities. A realistic reflection of changes to ecological systems wrought by human intervention and the resulting consequences was foregrounded during the development process for human and non-human actors. Soil, animals, humans, all are affected.

Curator: Sarah Maskeh


Installation view