I… Where from

Group Show

6 days to the ending

3 Sep - 24 Sep, 2021

I… Where from

I … Where from Homeland, considering it as a forgotten spirituality and recreating it in artistic narrations, have always been a principal concern artist throughout art history. ¨I …where from¨ could be a beginning in reformation of a view of homeland, where having a journey to, can be a way to the artists inner world, the land regardless of geographical latitude and as vast as the artist’s view. The current exhibition is an excuse to introduce original artists from a locality with the 7,000-year-old history. This time, a number of artists from the art-loving land-Kashan-seeking the glory of their homeland which include the nature and tradition, which opens a window for us, without which we were deprived of having such a diverse world Without exaggeration, it could be possible to seek ourselves along with the bliss of exploring and presenting the pure features of the nature of homeland, honestly.


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