Artists' Emergency Aid: Part 3

Group Show

3 Sep - 17 Sep, 2021

Artists' Emergency Aid: Part 3

Initiated by Fereydoun Ave, supported by Mohsen Gallery and Lajevardi Foundation, with the assistance of Foad Sharifi in initial printing of the works, the “Artists’ Emergency Aid: Part 3” will be held, representing fifty-two artworks by twenty-six artists. Each artwork is created by Fereydoun Ave in collaboration with one other artist, with each work bearing two signatures, offered in three opening bids at the auction of the Artists’ Emergency Aid. The show will take place in Mohsen Gallery and the auction will be hosted by Lajevardi Foundation. The Artists’ Emergency Aid is consisted of a group of Iranian artists aiming to provide urgent financial assistance and to meet the essential needs of artists, such as medical expenses, rent expenses, and study trips. Since the event is only meant to raise fund for its charitable cause, the artists and organizers of the event will earn no financial profit from the sales.


Installation view