In Appreciation of Blinking

Hoda Kashiha - Solo Show

13 days to the ending

3 Sep - 1 Oct, 2021

In Appreciation of Blinking

Parallel Circuit is proud to show 'Appreciation of Blinking', new series of works by Hoda Kashiha. Hoda is showing an installation of eight paintings in her first solo exhibition with Parallel Circuit. 'In Appreciation of Blinking' will be on view without an opening ceremony from Friday, September 2021, 3 through October 1, 2021. Her current works are a study on blinking. For her blinking gives birth to the moment between darkness and color; it is much like the breath that vanishes as the next one arises, life and death. She writes: " 'In Appreciation of Blinking' is a search for the meaning of darkness and nothingness when it is set against colors. This search brings her face-to-face with contradictory states. Darkness/nothingness allows for light to emerge in emptiness. Darkness in this series can only have meaning against colors." - Visit by prior appointment only - Photo Installation by Matin Jameie

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Installation view