Khor Art Initiative 2021 - Online Viewing

Group Show

8 days to the ending

30 Aug - 30 Sep, 2021

Khor Art Initiative 2021 - Online Viewing

SARADIPOUR Art Gallery (SARAI) is excited to present works by Khor Art Initiative 2021’s top 30 artists. This is the second edition of Khor Art Initiative, an independent art prize defined to discover and support local talents, introducing them to a global audience. These talented, mostly young Iranian artists were selected during a nationwide open call for paintings and drawings reviewed by an international jury of highly established experts in Middle Eastern and world contemporary art. "Khor (/xor/ or /kɔː/) is a delicate tidal area with its own ecosystem. This native word for Middle Eastern estuaries is a symbol of the region’s art, which represents a unique and influential cultural-geological identity in the world.” Summer 2020 saw the first “Khor Art Initiative organized by SARADIPOUR Art Gallery: a supportive and competitive nationwide event in a bid to revitalize the Iranian visual arts scene amid the COVID19 pandemic. A somewhat different art event with its particularities, "Khor Art Initiative" was held online with an exceptional international jury and resulted in the discovery of dozens of fresh talents with practices as visually vibrant and diverse as one could imagine and hope for. Eventually, one artist was chosen among the selected artists as the winner of Khor Art Initiative 2020 and joined the roster of gifted artists represented by SARADIPOUR Art Gallery./// This year, we are back with the 2nd Khor Art Initiative. Khor 2021 still follows the same goals and vision that initially formed the base and driving force behind this initiative. Due to the persistence of pandemic conditions, the entire process of Khor 2021, from submitting applications to review and eventually exhibition of selected works has taken place online. The jury has conducted the selection procedure remotely but collectively via online meeting sessions.

_ You can see this show through the following link: https://www.artsy.net/viewing-room/saradipour-art-gallery-khor-art-initiative-2021/artworks


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