What If...?

Group Show

11 days to the ending

27 Aug - 3 Oct, 2021

What If...?

“What if…?” questions boundaries by asking us to consider whether the hypothetical and that which we imagine might also be part of our reality. It might even suggest that the answer lies more in our perspective than in an objective concrete form. Applying this idea to art allows us to suspend disbelief and accept that perception and reality are one and the same. Thus, the artist may translate a scene from their imagination into a work that can be perceived as a real experience by the viewer. The six artists in this group exhibition, Noah Becker, John Foster, Blake Hiltunen, Zahra Nazari, Jonathan Rosen, and Brigitta Varadi have each taken familiar concrete forms or ideas and altered them or changed their context, as if to say “what if we did this?”, to create perceptions of new realities. Though the artists have disparate styles, their individual works link from one to the next through simple aesthetic commonalities. Seeing them together draws us in with an ever-present sensation that we are being taken on a magical or psychedelic trip of the imagination, as if we are being asked to see from a different perspective.