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Still Daylight
Group Show

2 Sep - 7 Oct, 2021

Galerie Nicolas Robert is pleased to present Still Daylight, the inaugural exhibition of our Toronto gallery featuring the work of Ghazaleh Avarzamani, Lorna Bauer, Andréanne Godin, Tristram Lansdowne, Emmanuel Osahor, and Laurence Pilon. The works in Still Daylight invite a shift in perspective outside of ourselves. Nature is ever-present. It appears, fades, and then reappears – as lush, caged, ancient, cultivated, out of reach, barely contained. With a peculiar approach to beauty, these works explore nature as a life-giving refuge, a space of contemplation and query, inseparable from its potential for indiscriminate cruelty and destruction. This paradox of optimism fraught with tension suggests an anthropocentric perspective, and yet, a human presence is only ever implied. Instead, we are asked to acknowledge nature’s complete ambivalence to our existence. This collective posthumanism is not meant to promote despair or an indulgence in apocalyptic fantasy. Far from it. Instead, it is a form of acceptance, reminding us that humanity is a construct defined by limits, as progress is erroneously defined by expansion. The collected works in Still Daylight propose a cautionary way forward, asking us to quiet ourselves just long enough to make room for a present amplified by stillness.