The Sowers

Group Show

60 days to the ending

9 Sep - 21 Nov, 2021

The Sowers

The exhibition The Sowers presents 26 artists and takes the form of a dialogue between clay and thread. These two elements become a space of cross-pollination for rituals, crafts and the aesthetics of survival as well as the dimension of recycling in order to highlight—through materials and usage— plural forms, all imprinted with a universal ecological consciousness. The Foundation is conceived as a community space within a poetic and spiritual atmosphere. The exhibition begins with the paradigm of weaving, the labor of childbirth, revealing—in visual language—“the mysterious anatomy of humankind.” The materials deployed by the artists thus become instruments of destiny, akin to silks that spin our future. The exhibition continues with a festive and luminous installation characteristic of tropical imagery: composed of fantastic embroideries with exotic landscapes and hybrid sculptures, oscillating between private and public space. These sculptural forms are inspired by modernism, popular culture and specific historical moments. They principally explore the poetic use of objects and utilitarian works. To conclude, the main room of the Foundation is dedicated to clay—which recalls, through its form, ancient spiritual places—and is inspired by the iconography of fertility. The floor hosts synergies of signs, beliefs, energies and materials integral to a “sanctuary,” summoning the past and universal questions.