Archival Affections - Online Viewing

Group Show

67 days to the ending

27 Aug - 25 Nov, 2021

Archival Affections - Online Viewing

Archival Affections presents the 2021 Themed Commissions, which were produced over a summer residency. This year’s theme invites projects that critically look at one’s relationship to archives; both non-fiction and fictional materials that account for public, private, and cultural memory. Six artists create new digital work that speculates upon unfinished, historical narratives and buried family histories, and re-imagines the physical and metaphorical traces of lost people and places. In this online presentation, each digital work grapples with various subjects of personal importance: 19th century Iranian imagery through a queer lens; remembering Black resistance and slavery in Canada; sonic representations of the experience of Venezuelan-Canadian diaspora; disappeared citizens of the USSR; Indo-caribbean migration; and cataloguing spaces of queer joy and pleasure in London (UK). Taking form as a transmedia, online exhibition, each work convenes a broad range of forms, including: field recording, mapping, oral narratives, 3D imaging, forensic fingerprinting, and ASMR. Archival Affectionscentres modalities of curiosity, speculation, and fiction to meaningfully resurrect and build upon archival material; reimagining and reclaiming the past and present as acts of survivance and resistance.

- You can see this show through the following link: http://www.archivalaffections.com/