SF Blue 2021

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6 Aug - 22 Sep, 2021

SF Blue 2021

Modernism is pleased to present ‘SF-Blue’ 2021, a ‘Blue’-themed art exhibition organized by San Francisco artist Peter Shaw. This San Francisco community presentation of unique contemporary artworks was developed in support of friendships between artists, and for the communities they live and work in. ‘SF-Blue’ 2021 is a display of cross-cultural and cross-generational relationships, with the supporting notion that beautiful and thoughtful art making will give rise to improved communication. Prominent San Francisco artists in this show represent a special kind of brotherhood including Emory Douglas, Jack Hirschman, Dewey Crumpler, Raymond Holbert. Iranian and Iraqi born San Francisco artists include multi-disciplinary artist Mobina Nouri, painter Sameh Khalatbari, painter and installation artist Badri Valian and mixed media artist Halla Ayla./// The show is rounded out by West African-born painter Aziz Diagne, Argentinian-born visual artist and pianist Mauro Ffortissimo, Swedish-born artist and poet Agneta Falk, Mexican-born painter Benjamin Arizmendi, Japanese-born photographer Hiroko To, along with San Francisco and Oakland natives including painters Randolph Belle, Mike Reed, Yvette Buigues and sculptor Kristine Mays.


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