A Discourse of Accord

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A Discourse of Accord
Group Show

14 Aug - 19 Sep, 2021

A Discourse of Accord

Transmitter is pleased to present A Discourse of Accord, a group exhibition featuring works by Fang Daqi, Daonne Huff, Karolina Majewska, and Leila Seyedzadeh. The artist's gesture is here totalized and viewed under the lens of piety, a literal devotion to the ontological landscape that sustains ‘them’. Systems transmogrify in the work and performances, particularly art but more intentionally corporeal rights, technocratic and political influences on identity structure, and the obvious survival/subsistence of the artist. What sustains the artist, physically, ecologically, spiritually, is the echo, the concord braiding the artists and work together, as well as the remaining discord produced from what is complicit, resistant, ameliorative or anathema to ‘the artist’. Through performance, light, form, and macroscopic interpretation, systems and tropes become a discursive landscape to navigate the contemporary, the pith of the sticky matter being ‘what is a sustaining practice’ to a mother, artist, daughter, partner, member, owner, romantic-sexual-familial-national-identity?


In this show

Leila Seyedzadeh, Untitled, 2021, 0
2021 | Untitled

Leila Seyedzadeh

50.8 × 165.1cm

Installation view