Bahar Taheri and Michel Pierre Lachance

23 days to the ending

22 Jul - 15 Oct, 2021


CRÉER DES PONTS is an ambitious initiative in partnership with the city of Montreal that offers a creative workshop to 60 emerging artists over 3 months in the heart of downtown Montreal. It is through a historical alliance with the real estate sector that we can arrange 30 exceptional vacant businesses into exhibition, meeting and production spaces. Added to this is the installation of 10 glass exhibition cubes dispersed across the island that will display exceptional contemporary works of art./// These artists’ ephemeral workshops will offer to the public an opportunity to discover the abundance of visual art in Montreal and allow the general public to be made aware of contemporary art through unique and original in person and virtual activities. This large summer deployment is part of a willingness to support young emerging artists, to encourage local businesses and revitalize our city center.

Address: 1 Place Ville Marie | Montreal | Quebec | Canada


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Installation view