Augen und Hände

Parastou Forouhar - Solo Show

18 days to the ending

16 Jul - 14 Aug, 2021
Augen und Hände

I see my artistic work as a space that I can open up to reflect and illustrate. For me, it's about creating a coexistence between vision and reality, about the fleetingness of the moment, in a hybrid form, about a space in which presence and absence can be experienced at the same time./// The pictorial language based on the ornament gives me the opportunity to express such controversial feelings and the paradoxes that arise from them and to capture this moment. Ornaments are abstractions that exaggerate the profane in an idealized state and enable the viewer to experience the harmonious shapes with the senses. The balanced and rhythmic appearance of the ornament inspires confidence and is often calming. At the same time it is a dazzling alternating being. The suggested flawlessness is seductive and the related aesthetics of a decor simulates easy legibility. I consciously use this seduction to force a turnaround in perception. Parastou Forouhar

Augen und Hände

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