Entirely Personal For The Public

Saraanj - Solo Show

10 days to the ending

16 Jul - 6 Aug, 2021
Entirely Personal For The Public

I have constantly contemplated how and why has the “ability to ponder” developed in me? Isn’t overindulging in daydreams and fostering imaginations, the atonement for our sins? Is this ability to ponder” not the compensation considered for me and my fathers, who are the “fallen?/// Man is born and births, but his origin is the divine entity that was not born and does not birth, but brings to dance and creates a world for his fallen creations. Creations that can go far in their imaginations, to go beyond death, or go rearwards, reach the moment of banishment from heavens, or even further back, to the gardens of Eden, to the tree of knowledge. Yet, at the moment of picking the apple, a familiar voice alerts or perhaps deceives you The voice that perpetually whispers: The fruit is forbidden because I have it set aside for an uninvited guest.

Entirely Personal For The Public

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