Opposing Oblivion

Negar Orang - Solo Show

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16 Jul - 27 Jul, 2021
Opposing Oblivion

Always interested in photos, Negar Orang has found black and white photographs to be the best basis for her paintings. In the collection on display, with a focus on shadows and lights, she’s tried to choose pictures that have captured a momentum, unconsciously looking for “the life” within those images./// Just like a mind game, during the 3 years of working on this collection, making changes to the subjects in the process, she has decided on how she wants to represent the images through her paintings. By distancing from nostalgic references and placing herself in different situations, something that she has always done in her artistic career, she has found the best way to represent a story or part of a story that could give life to the characters again.

Opposing Oblivion

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