Shabnam Jahanshahi - Solo Show

6 days to the ending

16 Jul - 2 Aug, 2021

In the "Entwined" series, Jahanshahi has been inspired by small everyday events and communications, and the works have been done by pencil. Her portraits have inner and outer parts. In some of the works, the artist has drawn a mask of her face; in others, she has displayed her inner self by threading and sewing on fabric and depicting haircuts./// The other part of the series consists of portraits of people that the artist has looked at from the outside and seeks to explore and search for their inner selves. Other works in the exhibition are arrangements of ready-made objects; the artist has separated these objects from their original context and had added a metaphorical aspect to them. Jahanshahi seeks to shape a dialogue with her audience by constructing a disturbing and pleasant atmosphere at the same time.


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