Harbinger of a Sweet Song

Two person show

4 days to the ending

26 Jun - 31 Jul, 2021
Harbinger of a Sweet Song

More than a year after life started to evaporate suddenly and magically, yielding its place to sets of entirely different daily routines that would bind us excruciatingly for what seemed like eternity, we are finally about to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Works of two young artists reflect this newly budding confidence that we have so desperately longed for; Farnaz Gholami's paintings leave us a promise despite its melancholic views, and Alexandra Searle's uncanny sculpture casts hope for what is to come under impossible circumstances./// Gholami's paintings are essentially psychological, above all, of anticipation. The artist infuses the sense of absence to her paintings, not laden with despair or regret, but matter-of-factly, which propels the audience to ponder what is in store. The want which could be destabilising to a certain degree, eventually calls us to remember that what we see is not the culmination of the story, but there is a 'beyond.’ Inspired from found images, such as photos from magazines or family albums and from stories old and new, the young artist constructs her own images with her imagination with a firm anchor to reflect her own personality and life. They invite us to a time and place where we have never been, yet they make us feel that we know it from somewhere, sometime, allowing us to project our own experience and inner dreams.


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