Group Show

4 days to the ending

19 Jun - 31 Jul, 2021

w/ Amir H. Fallah, Matthew F. Fisher, Bella Foster, Elizabeth Huey, Becky Kolsrud, JJ Manford, Koichi Sato, Joani Tremblay, Paul Wackers, Kate Pincus-Whitney For the Pitʼs inaugural exhibition in our new Palm Springs gallery we are pleased to present “Oasis” a group exhibition featuring ten painters, all focusing on themes of the idealized environment and the many physical or personal ways they are manifested ranging from landscapes, and exotic environments to domestic and intimate moments at home and with loved ones. Over the past year of social distancing and lockdown, we found ourselves (along with many other Angelenos) planning retreats to the desert for access to nature, open spaces, and the ever promising aspect of being anywhere other than our house in Los Angeles. We are no strangers to spending hours on Real Estate apps daydreaming of an escape from the urban pandemic experience, which eventually led us to find this location in Palm Springs and decide to open a secondary gallery here. For the inaugural exhibition it feels fitting to bring to the desert, artists whoʼs practices celebrate their own idealized environment, and the different possibilities that locations hold for each individual in a way referencing the once profound possibility of creating an oasis-like community of cities in the low desert like Palm Springs. For our first exhibition in our new location we wanted to return to The Pit's roots of organizing expansive group exhibitions as a means of creating community and a welcoming place for all. The Pit's first two years in existence as a scrappy alternative space were primarily focused on group exhibitions with an eye more towards creating a scene than actual business. Though much has changed as the gallery has grown and expanded, our desire for the gallery to be a welcoming haven for all, and a place that inspires conversations and positive experiences among our community is still tantamount to us. Our first exhibition in Palm Springs brings together some artists whom we have worked with before, or have been supporters and friends for many years, along with new artists whom we have the privilege of working with for the first time. A new gallery location to be launched with old and new friends alike. We hope that you can join us!



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