Eve Blossoms 99

Shokoufeh Karimi - Solo Show

17 days to the ending

11 Jun - 2 Jul, 2021
Eve Blossoms 99

Shokoufeh Karimi is of those artists who tends to talk less, but when it comes to painting, she buds with forms and blossoms with colors. She talks in a way as if “she can’t do so in any other language”. Her jungles engulf the audience in and her horizonless landscapes end up in nowhere far away. Here, all kinds of wonders which represent visible and ambiguous pieces of her wearing diverse masks on their faces, come to visit you. She doesn’t try to find them, they themselves exist there, wandering in garden of Eden, expecting the fall of man.

Curator: Maryam Roshanfekr

Eve Blossoms 99

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