Tajrid Abad

Bijan Akhgar - Solo Show

24 days to the ending

9 Jun - 9 Jul, 2021
Tajrid Abad

We are pleased to invite you to Bijan Akhgar's painting exhibition. Jun 9 - Jul 9, 2021 Closed on Saturdays. 17 – 21 "Tajrid Abad" is exhibited at Emkan and the artist's recent works titled "Shab Abad" are shown at Ab-Anbar's space.

A selection of Bijan Akhgar’s works is exhibited in two distinct shows. First show entitled “Shab Abad” includes his works from 2015 to 2019 that have been part of an ongoing project of his, “Dayer-Bayer”, dating back to 2007. The second show called “Tajrid Abad”, is a selection of his early landscapes in the early 90s. These two cuts of his diverse, yet coherent world allow a more comprehensive reflection on his career that mostly explores the spectrum from “Realism” to “Abstraction”. The complex and intimate relationship of the artist with his subject matters, as well as his formal and theoretical concerns help to problematize the familiar notions of reality and abstraction. Akhgar usually prefers to use “semi-abstraction” in order to describe most of his works, a term that one can say refers to a certain abstraction entangled with collective and social sensations, forms, and lives. “Shab Abad” is held in Ab-Anbar’s space in Tehran and “Tajrid Abad” in Emkan.

Tajrid Abad

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