Chalk Mark

Tala Madani - Solo Show

43 days to the ending

8 Jul - 8 Sep, 2021
Chalk Mark

‘Chalk Mark’ (Savile Row) brings together new works exploring education and instruction. ‘Chalk Mark’ takes on the exterior, examining the ways in which children are controlled and cultured by their schooling./// A series of Chalk Board paintings engages with the role of copying and repetition in learning, via repeated motifs that are deliber- ately undisciplined and unruly. Children are depicted as accosted by education, with one painting showing a line of lilliputian figures entering the mouth of a prone adult male. A line of graduates exits from his back passage. Unidentified officers appear repeatedly in the exhibition, symbols of enforcement, conformity and control. In a perversion of this dy- namic, one painting shows a child drawing a policeman. In another, the child drawing the policemen has become a drawing himself. A painting of children on magic carpets flying toward a pair of floor fans recalls the ceiling fans of ‘Skid Mark’. Another painting shows a child tearing apart his bottom to reveal a shit-built interior.

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