Alireza Masoumi - Solo Show

28 May - 14 Jun, 2021

O Gallery is pleased to present “Now-HerEscape”, a collection of large-scale oil canvases and a series of intimate works on paper by Alireza Masoumi (b. 1978 Cardiff). In continuation to the artist’s exhibitions at Third Line Gallery (Dubai) and Assar Art Gallery (Tehran), the works on display represent Masoumi’s interpretation of his personal experiences. He portrays images that he has committed to memory from his drives through the scenic countryside and the deserts, resulting into blue colors with a unique shine that is characteristic of his work, juxtaposed against enormous mountains that may very well be representative of feminine figures./// Through employing layers upon layers of frenzied lines and strong brushstrokes, he creates turbulent and contemporary landscapes that are inspired by the correlation between the mundaneness of everyday, the rush of the metropolis and the beauty of nature.


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