Back Hand

Group Show

21 May - 11 Jun, 2021
Back Hand

In table tennis, backhand is presumably an easier shot which needs neither waist swing, nor considerable struggle. Yet, a precise backhand is thought to be hard to restrain. Sketching, in the world of visual arts, is considered the very backhand shot. Particularly in its contemporary sense, sketching is simple and complicated at the same time, devoid of any sort of intermediate, candid but deep and influencing. Painting bullying as it can be called, sketching is in fact keeping distance from this term, attributing frankness and honesty instead the bare-bone idea of Backhand exhibition came from a sketching notebook, but did not constrain itself to one particular form of sketch presentation. Backhand is a reflection of sketches coated by sketch book, research, and personal spirit. A mirror reflecting the most innate states of contemporary sketching. Backhand resorts to the encounter of the artist with his/her self; shots hit, not expecting any response from the other side. Their gist is believed to be the common point of these works./// Here in SooContemporary, through concentrating on and diving in more diverse contemporary sketching approaches, we strive to reach a wholesome image and perspective about subjects going on in artists minds and workshops. That is how we can get a better grasp of Iran’s contemporary arts through an analytical behavior, and then publicly exhibit them. SooContemporary/May 2021

Curator: Shirin Gharavisky


Back Hand

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