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Love, Stories from the East and the West

Babak Kazemi - Solo Show

42 days to the ending

1 Apr - 5 Dec, 2021

Love, Stories from the East and the West

In the gardens of the Abbey, the Babak Kazemi photographer revisits the legend, tragic and romantic, a love triangle: The escape of Shirin & Farhad. Farhad, stonemason, and King Khosrow are both in love with the beautiful Shirin. The king, to oust Farhad, assigns him an insurmountable task, that of opening a path through a mountain. Farhad bravely embraces it, showing the strength of his love for Shirin. With The Flight of Shirin & Farhad , Babak Kazemi offers a modern writing of one of the greatest classical texts of Persian culture, “Shirin and Farhad” by the poet Nezami Ganjavi (1175). Revisiting this love story through photography is a roundabout way for the artist to evoke the current struggles of those who must go into exile to find love and freedom.

21 Rue de l'Église, 29460 Daoulas, France

Installation view