Omq Ghaar Xamoosh

Group Show

9 Apr - 3 May, 2021
Omq Ghaar Xamoosh

Since the troglodyte times, the passion to leave souvenirs has been man’s every company. Keepsakes lying on the border between oblivion and eternity; being discovered after ages or left forgotten. Graffiti, as a freestyle form of art, has walls for its canvas as vast as the entire city, and is explicitly at the same time consciously connected to the want for leaving footprints, which has been chasing humans from the outset of living collectively. These signatures and patterns call for an entrance to the world inside any graffiti writer or urban artist Originally, graffiti is a phenomenon risen from the heart of urbanism, therefore, all around the world it is formed through the combination of any given culture and environment. The same goes in Iran, as the graffiti culture started through a bond between Iranian rich literature, different calligraphic forms and patterns, all of which account for a huge part in the singularity of this movement in Iran Omq Ghaar Xamoosh has a fleeting glimpse of the ambiance and nature of Iranian graffiti from the perspective of three artists in this field. What we observe in this exhibition is the marriage of graffiti style from ancient and classic point of view with Iranian calligraphy and miniature. A border between eternity and oblivion, between the surface and beneath the earth, between the east and the west.


Omq Ghaar Xamoosh

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