Familiar Spirits

Kour Pour - Solo Show

70 days to the ending

3 Apr - 27 Jun, 2021
Familiar Spirits

For his inaugural solo exhibition at Kavi Gupta, Kour Pour has made a body of work instilled with the idea of family—not only that into which we are born but the families we construct as our personal histories unfold./// Pour’s debut at the gallery will present a group of paintings he created around the motif of the tiger. As with past bodies of work, such as his acclaimed carpet paintings, this series contains elements that reference both global art history and various interconnected cultural iconographies. Pour uses the word foster to describe his process of activating such visual associations, suggesting that he is nurturing something temporarily in his care. Kour Pour was born and raised in Devon, southwest England. His father, Iranian by birth, immigrated to England at age 14 during the 1979 revolution. Pour’s mother was raised in the British foster care system. “I romanticize that both of them were without family and home and created that together,” says Pour. “I’m doing that in my studio. The works start in a personal space. I’m creating a home for myself or others like myself.” Familiar, yet startlingly fresh, the work hints at a shared world of similar stories and different backgrounds, where personal histories are fostered by the families we create.

Familiar Spirits

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