Crossing Cultures

Group Show

4 Mar - 15 Apr, 2021
Crossing Cultures

“CROSSING CULTURES” addresses the theme of “family” from the point of view of four women artists who came to this country as young adults, leaving their traditions, families, and cultures behind. Unifying their work is its relationship to memory, displacement and identity. The exhibit will revolve around art that they have created to reflect upon what they have left behind while shifting countries and at the same time honoring and remembering family traditions and vanishing ways of life. A commonality of their work is the use of vintage family photographs that they have collected from their many visits back to their homelands. This project embodies and celebrates their shared immigrant story and citizenry in a nation composed of diverse backgrounds, families, politics, faiths, identities, and ideas. The show has been curated by Claudia Ruiz Gustafson.

Curator: Claudia Ruiz Gustafson


Crossing Cultures

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