Perspective: The Painter

Group Show

26 Mar - 16 Apr, 2021
Perspective: The Painter

For this year’s Nowruz holiday, INJA Gallery is hosting a group exhibition entitled “Perspective: The Painter”. This exhibition aims to provide an image of the painter’s state of mind; what the artist paints spontaneously based on his/her personal mood. These paintings might be from this year or from years past. However, what accompanies the artwork as a description is a personal story the artist recounts about the painting and the state of mind in which he/she created it; what the artist was observing on the day the idea and the painting were registered: part of the kitchen, a corner of the bedroom, a person or a person they missed. This collection includes the paintings and drawings of 21 artists.

Perspective: The Painter They do not always paint what’s worth being painted! This doesn’t mean what they paint is worthless, it means their “surroundings”, every corner, every element of their immediate proximity; something that might seem simple and trivial in the eyes of others, but which is perpetually inhabited by a person or thing: a person, a memory, a bond, a body, a state of mind, and sometimes even a ray of light that momentarily came and passed. These all deserve to be “portrayed”, thus forming the current exhibition.


Perspective: The Painter

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