Inadequate Narrative

Niloufar Fallahfar - Solo Show

15 days to the ending

19 Feb - 12 Mar, 2021
Inadequate Narrative

In "Inadequate Narrative," the artist invites the audience to have an incomplete reading of her works. To explore the works, the viewer must look at them from different angles. However, it is not possible to reach a specific reading. In an attempt to make sense of the works, the audience continually changes the point of view and finally realizes that they cannot make a definite interpretation. In the history of art, there have been many intersections between sculpture and painting. But Fallahfar has not sought to make a connection between these two in her works. Painting as a medium depends on its context and the form it demands. By expanding the concept of this form using mathematics and geometry, she finds a new language for communicating with the audience.

Inadequate Narrative

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