Group Show

8 days to the ending

12 Feb - 12 Mar, 2021

The current exhibition aims to have a look at a considerable issue among human needs. That is ,in fact, a “need” which Abraham Maslow – father of humanistic psychology- has pointed to in his theory titled “The Hierarchy of Needs” in Maslow Pyramid in 1943 A.D. as the second important human need -Security-. What differentiates the need of security from the others of its type here and makes it the initial goal of this show is each artist’s individual statement of security in their creation process and how they express and reflect it. In fact, what does an artist firstly think about feeling secure while expressing and presenting it? Or how does this need make them experience regrowth again and again?/// Raziye Iranpour/Parham Peyvandi/Shadi Saeedi/Maryam Ghazvineh/Nevisa Sayyadian/Paria Farrokhi/Ayda Roozbayani/Hanane Jalou/Sayeh Mansour/Samaneh Yousefi


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