Piece by Piece

Ghazal Khatibi - Solo Show

12 Feb - 23 Feb, 2021
Piece by Piece

O Gallery presents “Piece by Piece”, a collection of recent works by Ghazal Khatibi (b. 1984, Kermanshah). Ghazal Khatibi started working on the collection on display by using cut-outs of her landscape drawings, making them into collages. These works, similar to a mechanical device, have the ability to transform, change their bodies and rearrange their component parts. In conjunction with the landscape elements, they form an unpredictable organic structure, and in combination with geometric elements they turn into a systematic structure. Through a constant gaze in the creation process, Khatibi has evoked a sense of strangeness from the forms: shapes, textures, and stains are detached from their original background and embodied as a strange and unfamiliar creature.

Piece by Piece

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