In the Name of Life - Online Viewing

Sassan Behnam Bakhtiar - Solo Show

3 days to the ending

1 Jan - 28 Feb, 2021
In the Name of Life - Online Viewing

Studio Views: Explore beyond the usual and learn more about artist Sassan Behnam-Bakhtiar. SETAREH is pleased to present Studio Views, an online series displaying recent works of artists represented by the gallery. This Viewing Room highlights the latest works of Sassan Behnam-Bakhtiar. "In the Name of Life" is a series of works which has been created during the pandemic, providing a window to an important space in our life. This body comprises of smaller scale works which have been meticulously worked on since the beginning of the year. Exploring one owns heritage and culture through experiences and art, is what Sassan Behnam-Bakhtiar does. The Franco-Iranian artist lived in Paris until the age of 10, when he returned to Iran with his mother. Coming back and calling France his home now, Sassan Behnam-Bakhtiar started to discover his motherland, Iran, through his paintings. Reminiscing renaissance and contemporary art at the same time. His colourful works let a touch of oriental culture flow in.///

“My signature style revolves around mixing the old and the new, giving a new meaning to the old using the new and vice versa.“/// The work focuses on being aware of the present with more than just your consciousness. This body of works marks the human transformation, highlighting the space between the conscious and unconscious – accessing one’s psyche to bring about locked knowledge, intuition and human sensitivity. Sassan has developed a signature style of scraped painting – oscillating between abstract and figurative structure. In his oil paintings he relays and spreads numerous blends over particular points. Doing so, he creates mosaic-like perspectives or apparent impressions through prisms. Through the technique of layering, the artist reflects the history, the emotions of the people and a strong sense of experiencing positive emotional stimulation, which is awakened in the viewer. Each one of his works draws the attention to the utter inner awareness. The textured compositions invite to surrender to an unseen, calming realm. Playing with dark and light, the imperfectly beauty of the mess and aesthetic. Behnam-Bakhtiar’s paintings balance colour frequencies which compose his internal feelings. He refers to the naturally given sensitive intuition of the individual. With his works, he allows the viewer to immerse into his ethnic cultural identity and share vivid experiences. Opening a dialogue between the eastern and western world, tradition and innovation, intellect and emotions, the artist draws on thousands of years of Iranian culture. He integrate ancient Persian motifs, patterns and landscapes into large-scale mixed media artworks, thereby exploring Iranian identity in the 21st century. Link:

In the Name of Life - Online Viewing

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