The Hours

Hoda Amin - Solo Show

1 Jan - 15 Jan, 2021
The Hours

The Hours 8:30 am. Interior. Office The woman is sitting at her desk. She's staring at her computer monitor and her fingers move on the keyboard from time to time. The colleague in the next room enters and stacks another pile of colourful folders on top of the other. The woman scribbles down "Collect the laundry from the dry cleaner" and " child's dentist appointment" to her to-do-list. She gathers her thoughts again that are like a torn thread of beads and picks another folder. 9 pm. Interior. Home The woman picks the empty and half empty plates and lay them in the sink. She responds the child calling her out from the room. She takes the child's snack box out of his bag and lays it in the sink with the other dishes. The child keeps calling her out. She picks the husband's rolled socks left in front of the sofa and goes back to the kitchen with the laundry basket reassuring the child that she'd go to read for him after turning on the washing machine. By the time the story is over, the child had fallen asleep. The woman returns to the kitchen. She sees the colourful folders parading in her mind.

The Hours


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