Raoof Dashti - Solo Show

1 Jan - 18 Jan, 2021

In his book, The Great Good Place, Ray Oldenburg, argues that in modern suburban societies time is primarily spent in three realms; first (home), second (workplace) and third inclusively sociable places and he suggests that the balance between these three spaces can shape a healthy existence. The accentuated contrast between these spaces in our lives in Iran, particularly concerning identity,- besides the general sense of alienation from public spaces- has given more importance to private spaces, particularly to our homes. Many of lived experiences which are supposed to happen in public places are brought in to the houses and public and private life are intertwined. The home which identities as a private space for tranquility and rest, has been turned to a hybrid mixture of home-restaurant, home- cinema, home-office, home-studio, etc. Home is everywhere. It is both a living space as well as a workplace. A place for recreational activities as well as social deliberations. Dis-Orientation is an interpretation of my personal and public life in Tehran of today. A city that in its streets and alleys I frequently face new conditions and circumstances. My home keeps changing too, a change that I bring in from outside. Unsustainability and constant change in spaces changes my home’s identity according to everyday lived experience. A four-walled place which is an agglomeration of different living domains. All these photographs were taken in my home. In these 35 frames, I aim to show my different facades and the shapeless-ness of my home. My home is not recognizable; Where is this place? A bright home with shining lights? Or a damp, fogbound cubicle? Raoof Dashti


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