Glitch: Pixel Language

Group Show

44 days to the ending

25 Dec - 11 Mar, 2021
Glitch: Pixel Language

We are delighted to announce the opening of Bavan(-1) this Friday! Bavan(-1) is a natural extension of the activities we have been pursuing at the gallery. Bavan(-1), is our new venue for experimental and Multimedia projects. __ Bavan(-1) presents ’Glitch: Pixel language’ in collaboration with Platform 101, curated by Mohammad Ali Famouri and Sadegh Majlesi. The exhibition will be on view from Dec 25, 2020, through March 11, 2021. The first episode of the exhibition will be open this Friday feature works by Razieh Kooshki, Vahid Qaderi, and Franco Palioff. ▪️all visitors must regard safety and health protocols.

Curator: Mohammad Ali Famouri & Sadegh majlesipour

Glitch: Pixel Language

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