Pani Bolbolabadi - Solo Show

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20 Nov - 7 Dec, 2020

Soo Contemporary presents a solo exhibition of works by Pani Bolbol abadi titled “Polymorphism” . The exhibition will open on Friday, November 20, 2020, and will be on view until December 7. The exhibition includes 15 artworks in different materials such as recycled materials and papier-mâché Pani Bolbolabadi (b.1993, Rasht, Iran) is an enthusiastic visual artist. She is experienced in mix media, painting, drawing, and installation. She has exhibited one solo show and participated in seven group shows. Also, she won third place place in the 4th Guilan Biennial of painting in 2018.///

Part of artist statement We are all under the influence of our environment. We contemplate it, yet let our lives march forward. These influences, undoubtedly, cannot be overlooked. In today’s digital age, cables and electric components work as tools that surround us. Passing through mountains, roads, and streets to reach our homes, penetrating our walls to transmit electrical currents for us to live more comfortably. Fences of cables have entangled us and formed a barrier between us and the environment, so as the skin is to living flesh, necessary and indispensable. Though veiled and covered from their actuality, electrical components are mass-produced and used all over the world. These parts are put away after serving their life span without any further consideration./// I resolved to use materials from electrical components used in the industry because of their mass production and their longevity in nature. Seemingly wires are the perfect example of the electrical world and modern consumerism. These broken parts form the main components of my work. Their colorful and attractive forms give aesthetic air to my projects, although, their beauty contradicts their damage to nature. As consumerism creates an outward appeal that drives and hypnotizes mankind, wires and elective components can be eye-catching in a piece of work. But the more we observe them, the more we understand that they harm the very life they nourish.


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