The Cycle of Desensitization

Leila Ghandchi - Solo Show

13 Nov - 24 Nov, 2020
The Cycle of Desensitization

The tradition of landscape was perfected by German Romantics. For them, nature, in all its glory and majesty, was an allegory of an inviolable firmness that had to be seen, discovered, perceived and known. In our day, however, the endless onslaught of events is unlikely to provide much opportunity to understand the firm impeccability of the landscape; scenes that, according to Caspar David Friedrich, are manifestations of ourselves. So begins a tireless effort, an effort that is constantly repeated in endless cycles; an attempt to discover, understand and explain anything that denies the tranquility of nature; from war to death, to everyday life or even fear. An effort that is made possible by pasting picture perfect photographs, tearing canvases, and the like.

The Cycle of Desensitization

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