The painter is not present in heaven

Niloofar Mohammadifar - Solo Show

9 Oct - 26 Oct, 2020
The painter is not present in heaven

Bavan Gallery is pleased to present ’The painter is not present in heaven, ’ an exhibition by Niloofar Mohammadifar. The show will be on view from Oct 9 through Oct 26./// In the present exhibition, Mohammadifar being inspired by her personal life, and childhood memories and fantasies, create a unique world of her own. In this exhibition, we see works that are full of creatures. The use of vegetation has made her frames imaginative and overflowing, and the viewers facing this eerie and imaginary space, make their own narrations.Mohammadifar creates images for a fantastic and chaotic, and at the same time beautiful world, through which she tells a story of an imaginary paradise to her audience.

Human beings have been constantly confronted with issues that have had a significant impact on their life process and have given direction and meaning to their life. Even after entering the modern world, these concepts have followed men, and they have tried to build their utopia in this very world. The fundamental basis of this unfulfilled utopia is very similar to the man's idea of a paradise full of happiness and bliss./// A belief in the afterlife and the last judgment is a common ground for many religions, although there are differences in their portrayal of it. Our upbringing is generally in accordance with this belief. The concern of avoiding the evil deeds to enter the paradise is one of the things we learn as a child, and it stays with us in different stages of our intellectual growth and development; Trying to stay away from sins in the hope of salvation.

The painter is not present in heaven

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