The Fragile Glory - Online Viewing

Elahe Farzi - Solo Show

60 days to the ending

27 Sep - 27 Dec, 2020
The Fragile Glory - Online Viewing


The strong tendency to capture what is scarce and beautiful in nature pushes me to keep it as the main subject of my drawings. Especially now that we are facing unavoidable climate crisis. We see how our lives and nature are in a fragile balance. In the past decades my grandfathers garden, in the coast of the Caspian sea, sank into the water. I have experienced up close natures beauty and harshness. I have a background working with Persian miniature paintings. In that tradition nature is one of the most elements and the process of creating these landscapes has a deeply meditative quality. Mixing old traditions with contemporary ones urges me to create something that’s both beautiful and important.

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