Crawling out of a hidden place

Group Show

21 days to the ending

9 Sep - 17 Oct, 2020
Crawling out of a hidden place

In the midst of what is surely one of the most disruptive years in modern history, we emerge, tentatively, from the uncertain shadows of the past months into the light of a world fundamentally transformed. Recent events have revealed hidden vulnerabilities and exposed cracks and fissures within our social fabric, our governing and economic systems, and within ourselves and the shifting world around us. We live amidst a system shattered and renewed. Within this context, Arsenal Contemporary Art Toronto presents Crawling out of a hidden place, a group exhibition that features nine artists whose recent and new works resonate with the pulse of this charged, transitional moment./// Through this exhibition, the viewer is invited to consider the impact and processes that consumption, domestication and commodification have upon the human body and spirit. Awakened to the self and to the present while acknowledging the complexities of history, the exhibition examines our relationships to food, medicine, hygiene, gender, sexuality, language, technology and identity. If this moment is to teach us anything, it is that our relationships with others come into being via our interaction with our own body. - Anaïs Castro & David Liss Artists NICHOLAS AIDEN GHAZALEH AVARZAMANI MAYA FUHR MILES GREENBERG CLAIRE GREENSHAW CATHERINE TELFORD KEOGH ROBERT ANTHONY O'HALLORAN JOSI SMIT CHASON YEBOAH



Crawling out of a hidden place

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