Mojataba Khsoravi - Solo Show

31 Jul - 10 Aug, 2020

O Gallery presents “Dustland,” the first solo show of Mojtaba Khosravi (b.1999 Bojnourd). At the heart of Mojtaba Khosravi’s practice is the study of how texture, color, light and space work together in his paintings. How they come together to construct forms that he so relentlessly decides to destruct and paint over in order to create something anew; anew in terms of his personal challenges and what he, as a young artist can come to consider as a finished piece of work. Layer by layer, Khosravi creates and very patiently turns his surroundings into a world of color and form. He sees his smaller drawings as pieces of a bigger puzzle for his larger creations and in his large scale paintings, what he enjoys the most is to experience different material and tools in his work environment.


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