Photo By M. SAYAD

Mohammad Sayyad - Solo Show

5 days to the ending

24 Jul - 18 Aug, 2020
Photo By M. SAYAD

Mohammad Sayyad Sabour (b. 1947, Bandar-e Anzali, Iran) aka “M. SAYAD” is one of the forerunners of Iranian photojournalism. He moved to Tehran when he was a teenager and started working in the Photo Plaza studio, where he learned photography. With a passion for photojournalism, he became a member of the Association of Iranian Journalists in 1969, embarking on a new path in his professional life. Between 1971 and 1978, he worked for the Ayandegan newspaper for its political, sports, and social sections. In

The new exhibition entitled “PHOTO BY M. SAYAD” is being held at Nabshi Center in the summer of 2020. Consisting of two parts, the photos revolved around two subject matters: the Iranian Revolution and the Iran-Iraq War. More than a hundred shots are included in each section in a documentary, news-like fashion, narrating stories of these two important events, both of which have the potential of being immortalized as historic icons. After “The Land of Bewilderment,” which depicted the afflictions of Kurdish refugees and immigrants that sought asylum in Iran under Saddam’s regime, this is the second exhibition of Sayyad’s press photographs at Nabshi Center.

Photo By M. SAYAD

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